kiyazhou asked: girl group protection squad

Heck to the yeah the best kind of squad

Anonymous asked: Can you recommend me some of your favourite girlgroup-stan blogs? ;; If you don't mind...

you should definitely check out these blogs because the girl group defense squad is strong, sorry if ive forgotten u, know that ur in my heart and ily:

futurehusbandofparkbom , mycopycat, sooyyoung, pinkcloudsdreamer, kiyazhou, sohyes, hyericious, hyeriboo, hyerilees, femaleidol, amazingkgirls, jepabo, athaenas, epifanys, femaleidols, dorkyshidae, unnielicious, unniesexual, pansexualpotatoes justmyperfectgoddess

Anonymous asked: thanks for the advice. i sorta spent half the football game staring at her from 4 rows back ;;

huhu bless ya! its no problem sweetie, good luck with everything!! :D